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Employment opportunities in ultrasound technology in Lenexa are projected to explode for trained, qualified professionals between 2013 and 2021, according to government data. For those considering the field, education is the first step. The following guide provides an overview of ultrasound technician school and degree programs, specializations and career avenues in Lenexa.

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What Does an Ultrasound Technician do?

Ultrasound technicians image organs and other structures inside a patient’s body using equipment that relies on sound wave technology. The ultrasound images or scans they capture are used to diagnose and monitor medical conditions, abnormalities or diseases. Ultrasound techs work in concert with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and radiologists. They also help prepare patients for procedures, maintain ultrasound equipment, record patient history and present findings to the medical team. As diagnostic medical sonographers, they help interpret ultrasound images.

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What are the Different Job Titles?

A sonographer is the same thing as an ultrasound tech. There is no difference. In fact, depending on their place of employment and special area of practice, they can also have job titles such as:

  • Diagnostic medical sonographer
  • Ultrasound technologist
  • Ultrasound technician
  • Ultrasonographer
  • Diagnostic cardiac sonographer
  • Cardiac sonographer
  • Echocardiographic technician
  • Vascular sonographer

Ultrasound Technician Lenexa 66220 Kansas

How to Become an Ultrasound Technician in Lenexa?

Sonographers usually earn at least an associate degree or a postsecondary certificate in Lenexa, KS. They may also earn professional ultrasound certification or state licensure related to a specialty. High school students interested in sonography should take human anatomy, physiology and mathematics courses. The final level of education that sonographers need depends on their career goals.

  • Certificate program. Sonography certificate programs in Lenexa provide sonography training to people who already work in related healthcare jobs, such as nursing. Sonography certificates can be earned in as little as one year.
  • Associates degree. Associate degrees in sonography in Lenexa are sufficient for entry-level positions. Associate degrees can be earned in two years.
  • Bachelors degree. A bachelor’s degree in sonography in Lenexa enables sonographers to become consultants or department heads. Students with a bachelors degree can also apply to a medical school. Students with an associates degree can earn a bachelors degree within two years. Otherwise, students usually complete a bachelors degree program in four years.
  • Graduate degree. Graduate degrees in ultrasound technology in Lenexa are appropriate for students that want to teach at the university level. Advanced degrees equip students to perform specialized research and to publish their findings in medical journals. Most master’s degree programs take at least two years to complete.
  • On-the-job training. Sometimes, nurses or radiologists learn sonography on-the-job. In these cases, continuing education courses can supplement experiential knowledge. Most states require sonographers to earn medical continuing education (CME) credits throughout their careers in order to retain their ultrasound technician certification.

    Ultrasound Technician Career Overview in Lenexa

    Required Education Associate’s degree is most common; certificate and bachelor’s degree programs also available
    Certification Professional certification may be required or preferred by some employers
    Projected Job Growth (2012-2023) in Lenexa 43%
    Median Salary (2013)* (Lenexa) $68,231
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    How do I Choose an Ultrasound Technician Program in Lenexa?

    Accreditation – The accrediting body for medical sonography programs is the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health/Education Programs (CAAHEP). The CAAHEP has accredited 150 programs, including those offered by colleges and universities, as well as some hospital training programs. Though attending an accredited program is not the only way to become a medical sonographer in Lenexa, it does automatically qualify graduates to sit for the certifying exam and is universally recognized by employers.

    Admissions Requirements – Make sure to research the admissions requirements of programs that interest you. Vocational, associate and bachelor’s programs may specific courses in math, health, and/or sciences.

    Career Goals/ Specialization – Because specialization is so common in sonography, be sure that your program of choice offers your desired specialty. Vascular and cardiac sonography are two particularly specialized programs that not all schools offer.

    Curriculum – Look over the program curriculum and make sure that yours provides plenty of hands-on experience. Because sonography is a very hands-on, technical profession, this might be the most important part of your education.

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    ultrasound sonogram technician salary Lenexa

    Employment Outlook for Ultrasound Technicians in Lenexa

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the  job outlook for diagnostic medical sonographers in Lenexa, commonly referred to as ultrasound technicians, is very promising with a projection of 39% more positions available by the year 2021. The BLS adds that the median ultrasound technician salary in Dec 2014 was $64,259 annually; the top 18% among the ultrasound job market made over $92,249 and the lowest 12% made less than $46,332. With ultrasound technician demand expected to grow, salaries in turn should reflect the growing value placed on sonography within the medical world.

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