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The Ultrasound school in Marshfield directory below includes 29 local universities, colleges and schools in the Marshfield, Missouri, which offer CAAHEP accredited diagnostic medical sonography programs as of 2015. There are a few schools offering accredited online ultrasound programs for students who prefer distance education. The programs include general sonography programs, cardiac sonography programs, vascular sonography programs and Pediatric Cardiac sonography programs. The school directory is updated in Oct 2015.

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Ultrasound Technician: What You’ll Do

Ultrasound technicians, also known as diagnostic medical sonographers, are responsible for operating equipment that produce and record images or conduct tests. These images are then used by physicians to make a diagnosis.

Most people are familiar with the role of an ultrasound technician as it relates to pregnancy, but sonograms are also used to examine breast tissue, brain and spinal cord and muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints and organs in the abdominal cavity.

Like other allied health careers, specialization is a possibility with sonography. Cardiac sonographers produce imaging of a patient’s heart, heart chambers, valves and vessels. A vascular sonographer is similar to a cardiac sonographer, but they focus primarily on blood vessels and blood flow.

An ultrasound technician’s job requires more than just producing an image. You’ll interact with patients by preparing them for the procedure. You’ll also need a keen eye; ultrasound technicians must be able to recognize normal and abnormal images.  Analyzing diagnostic information and providing it to the physician is a regular job task.

Ultrasound technicians work primarily in hospitals, physician’s offices and laboratories, but before you can get there, you’ll need to earn an ultrasound technician education.

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What are the Different Job Titles?

A sonographer is the same thing as an ultrasound tech. There is no difference. In fact, depending on their place of employment and special area of practice, they can also have job titles such as:

  • Diagnostic medical sonographer
  • Ultrasound technologist
  • Ultrasound technician
  • Ultrasonographer
  • Diagnostic cardiac sonographer
  • Cardiac sonographer
  • Echocardiographic technician
  • Vascular sonographer

Ultrasound Technician Marshfield 65706 Missouri

Education Requirements to become Ultrasound Technician in Marshfield

Sonography students need to complete an associate’s degree or postgraduate certificate program from an accredited program in Marshfield in order to be eligible to take the qualifying exams. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees are also available. People who are already in a related allied health profession may be candidates for one-year certificate programs.

It is crucially important to make sure that the school you attend is accredited. Ultrasound schools in Marshfield are poorly regulated compared to X-ray and other medical professions, so do your research. To find out if a school is accredited, check with the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or the Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Some (but not all) hospitals, community colleges, universities, vocational schools, and the Armed Forces provide accredited sonographer training programs.

High school students interested in applying to an ultrasound technologist training program in Marshfield, 65706 should pursue a curriculum rich in science, computer, and math courses. Familiarity with computers is important, since most ultrasound equipment is computer-based. Physics courses are helpful as well, since you will be required to learn and master ultrasound-based physics courses and exams.

Online ultrasound training programs do exist, but it is important to verify that these programs are accredited and that they will provide you with clinical hours. While the classroom work can be done online, the extensive clinical time that will be required cannot.

Ultrasound Technician Career Overview in Marshfield

Education Associate’s degree is most common; certificate and bachelor’s degree programs also available
Certification Professional certification may be required or preferred by some employers
Projected Job Growth (2012-2024) in Marshfield 42%
Median Salary (2014)* (Marshfield) $61,425
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Choosing Your Ultrasound Technican Program in Marshfield

While the length and depth of ultrasound technician programs in Marshfield vary, all programs will cover college-level course work in biology, math, physics, written and oral communication, as well as clinical training in ultrasound equipment and techniques.

Certificate Programs

The 1-year certificate program is designed exclusively for students who have experience and education as certified allied health professionals in other fields but are looking to move or expand into diagnostic medical sonography.

Associate’s Degrees

The associate’s degree is the most popular training program for professional ultrasound technicians. Students must be high school graduates to be considered for enrollment in this 2-year training program.

Bachelor’s Degrees

A 4-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited ultrasound school will provide students with a well-rounded education in addition to the clinical training needed to be successful as an ultrasound technician. A bachelor’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography also allows students to sit for advanced certification exams, giving them a competitive edge over other applicants when seeking jobs.

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ultrasound sonogram technician salary Marshfield

Employment Outlook for Ultrasound Technicians in Marshfield

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the  job outlook for diagnostic medical sonographers in Marshfield, commonly referred to as ultrasound technicians, is very promising with a projection of 39% more positions available by the year 2020. The BLS adds that the median ultrasound technician salary in March 2015 was $61,963 annually; the top 17% among the ultrasound job market made over $92,856 and the lowest 14% made less than $46,164. With ultrasound technician demand expected to grow, salaries in turn should reflect the growing value placed on sonography within the medical world.

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